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Family Engagement provides trainings, materials and activities designed and implemented to meet the needs of parents: Child development, Health and Wellness, Testing Strategies Social and Emotional Learning. Our workshops are presentations to help give caregivers resources and skills to help their student at home.

Workshops are organized to encourage “true” and effective family engagement. The DMDL approach believes there are two key elements to this initiative. First, parents are supportive. They encourage their children and are sympathetic, reassuring and understanding. They show a high level of commitment to their children and their education. Second, parents are active. They are doing something that is observable. This combination level of commitment and active participation is what makes a truly “involved” parent. The goal is to strengthen relationships between the parents with teachers and principals so that they become more actively involved in their child’s education.

Featured 'Family Engagement' Opportunities

In this workshop, parents will be encouraged to make the connection between musical intelligence and the academic skills of their children based on the DMDL approach “meeting students where they are” and Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence Theory. Through the inherent elements of music parents will be able to impart basic Reading and Math skills to the non-traditional learner.

In this workshop, parents will learn to empower their children to be responsible for their behavior through exposure to character traits (e.g. honesty, truthfulness, work ethic, caring, helpfulness, fairness, right of individuality,…) Parents will discuss how to design a plan to excel based on their unique situations. Children are encouraged to attend and participate with their parents

In this workshop parents are encouraged to start the year setting intentional, specific goals for the school year. This will allow parents to reflect on the previous school year and think about how their child begins their school day and goals for the upcoming school year.

In this workshop, parents will learn how to organize a study schedule and maintain consistency. Parent will discuss the effectiveness of creating a study area, using the television effectively to enhance learning and developing a home library. Parents will also discuss the importance of modeling that education as a priority.

Parents will explore how the pandemic may have impacted the mental health of its students and all stakeholders within their school environment.

Studies show that involvement in the arts can reduce levels of depression and anxiety, increase self-esteem, self-respect and self-worth. Parents will get first-hand experience during this “Paint and Punch’ to understand about self-care.

In this workshop, the presenter will empower parents, build their confidence, provide opportunities for parents to examine their styles of helping/tutoring their children and share various strategies of effective teaching through role- play and discussion.

This parent toolkit of resources is designed to help parents support their child’s growth and development beyond the classroom. It can be connected to other DMDL workshop offerings. The toolkit consists of: Sight words for grade bands (Kinder- 2nd), (3rd – 5th) (6th – 8th), bingo & lingo boards, multi-step word problem sheet, set of die, Greek & Latin root word list, graph paper, fluency sheet, gameboard, flashcards (addition & subtraction), counting chips, whiteboards, index cards, bookmark and dry erase markers.

Understanding how trauma influences learning capabilities in children is important for parents. In this workshop parents will learn the scope of adverse childhood experiences (ACE) and brainstorm on how ACE is related too growth and development of children.

In this workshop, parents will get an overview of how to monitor and control their child’s activities on major social networks and gain knowledge of available software used to add Parental Controls to their home computers. All support materials and refreshments are included. Q&A session will follow.

This interactive, engaging parent workshop is designed to help parents learn how to help students study and grasp both Reading and Math concepts, utilizing dance and music. Professional Dance Instructor and STEM Specialist will facilitate this very exciting workshop with parents, utilizing visual aids, dance choreography, music, and historical cultural connections.

In this workshop, parents will be taught the characteristics of learning styles so that they will be able to recognize how to best help their children. They will be involved in activities which will allow them to recognize their learning style, and they will examine various teaching aids that can be used to reinforce learning at home.

When educators share data with families meaningfully, they form a powerful partnership that benefits students. In this workshop parents will engage in student data discussions and receive strategies/ideas to support their child’s academic performance.

There are misconceptions about a parent’s ability to assist their children with math at home. During this webinar or in-person workshop the facilitator will share tips and strategies that will empower parents to help their children achieve academic success in math. Parents will learn ways they can improve their child’s understanding of math by building on the natural mathematical abilities they display throughout their daily routines and activities.

Parents can use support in helping their children with their school mathematics without actually knowing the content. Parents will be introduced to looking at the standards and learning what is to be taught and how it is to be taught. This workshop will educate parents on practical ways to assist in their child’s mathematics skill development. Parents will leave with resources and game ideas to also use at home.

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