Amadeus: Classical Genius Meets the 21st Century

In Amadeus! the lives and music of classical composers are presented in a modern day presentation that reveals the significance and importance of their work. Students will learn the elements of music and the use of standard notation devices. They will also discover the importance of written versus oral traditions. Students will be able to compare and contrast circumstances where absolutes are necessary to those in which they are not.

Did you know there are actually only 12 musical notes in music? Discover the power these 12 notes in the hands of genius composers. This presentation crosses boundaries of genre, style and geography.

See how they show up in culture and history when genius is applied in this presentation of music from Bach, Mozart, Duke Ellington, and Stevie Wonder. Steered by a string quartet playing 21st century musical concepts we’ll explore Europe and America down the avenues of Classical, Swing, and Motown.